Water Damage Restoration


How Can Southland Services Help You with Fire, Water, Storm Damage, and Mold Restoration?

In the case of unfortunate events like a storm or fire, you need to rebuild your home. While we highly recommend in the case of a tragedy to focus on your own well-being before thinking of anything else. We understand the difficult phase that you are going through and rest assured that Southland Services will accompany you at every step of the restoration process of your home to the original state before the disaster.

Fire Damage

We will restore your house to the pre-fire condition. We work on restoring damages caused not only by the fire but also the loss that generated during the extinguishing process. Ash that is left behind can cause extensive corrosion, discoloration, and bad smells that make the house unlivable. We know how to take care of this damage before it becomes a problem.

Water Damage

Heavy rain, a flood in the city, hurricanes or tornadoes are some types of natural disasters. A broken pipe, overflowed toilet, leaks also, is results of many internal causes that you and your home may experience. What they all have in common is that water damage can occur in a very short period - knowing when it is going to happen is difficult, but you know what can happen.

Water damage is one of the most common causes of claims made to home insurance companies. According to ISO, claims for water damage are the second largest cause for claims to insurers, following damage by wind and hail.

Water damage can make the walls weak and cause molds which are not only bad for your wall’s health but also your own health. Water damage restoration and mold remediation one of the most important aspects of home maintenance and repairs.

We have to get to the site as soon as possible to prevent damage that ash will cause. The later we arrive at the site, the bigger the problem becomes and the higher the restoration costs get. It is always better to call us at the earliest you can manage.

If you are in Texas and looking for a company to fix your mold and other water leakage problems then we at Southland Services are here to help. With over than 15 years of experience in the home repairs and maintenance, our professionals can help you with all your home maintenance related problems.
If you see signs such as moisture marks, molds, swollen doors or windows, bad smell, etc. then there probably is a leakage in your plumbing that needs fixing.

We have a well-defined methodology through which we work and fix your water damage problems. Our method divided into the following series of steps:

  • Do a Detailed Check-Up: Once a Southland Service professional comes to your house, the first step is to check the full plumbing of your home to find all leaks and potential leaks. After a detailed and thorough check-up, we discuss with you all the details of where the pipe needs fixing and if any more discrepancies might occur and require maintenance in the future.
  • Give You a Quote: After we have done our inspection, we will discuss the costs before we start working on the project. Once we have begun the work, we guarantee that you will not have to pay an extra cent than what was initially agreed.
  • Set up a Team for your Project: After a check-up and budget agreement, we send over a team to fix your home’s plumbing, leakages, and drywall that has been damaged by the leak and mold.
  • Feedback: After we completed your project, it does not mean the end of our relationship with our customers. We make long-term relationships with all of our customers, and we understand the importance of feedback in this relationship. We give a 3-year warranty on all our labor work and remain in regular contact with you to ensure that the job we have done is satisfactory and up to your standards.


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